About Me

Assalamualaikum readers. Nak berkenalan? Baca sini. >.<


Name: Amirul Zikri 
Known as: Zikri 
Age: 15 years young
Stat: Terengganu
Country: Malaysia
Fav. Colours: Light grey, Blue, and Soft Pink
Attitude: Friendly, fierce but 
Language: Malay and English
Hobby: blogging, Sleeping, Eating 
Start Blogging on: May 2012.

Fav. Artist: Absolutely Najwa Latif, Selena Gomez, Taylor swift 
Fav Quotes: Fake smile make me cheers!


♥ Eating 
♥ Blogging
♥ One D
♥ Chocolates
♥ Ice Cream
♥ Nikon DSLR
♥ Patrick Star
♥ Black+White
♥ Sleeping
♥ Natural Beauty


✖ Anons, Haters, Fakers, Copypasters
✖ Liars
✖ Lipas
✖ Minyak wangi busuk
✖ Seafood

Note : Jgn sesekali cuba untuk menjadi copycats okay. I'm really hate that. So, Nice to know me? Thumbs up.  :)

Thanks for reading. Do follow and comment :)